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We work across the areas of computer vision, image processing, machine learning and embedded development. We are technical specialists in human face analysis - including detection, tracking, landmarking, identification and description.

Working with organizations of all sizes, we are excited by new technologies, and enjoy engaging with innovators and being challenged by projects. We have worked with clients across the UK and are based in York, North Yorkshire. If you have a project we might be able to help with, please don't hesitate to get in touch



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Computer Vision & C++ 01

We write efficient and manageable code with more than a decade's experience developing computer vision software using C++.

Machine Learning 02

We achieve results using a variety of machine learning technologies including convolutional neural networks, gradient boosting, SVMs and random forests.

Cutting Edge Algorithms 03

Coming from a strong academic background, we specialise in implementing working software from research papers.

Facial Image Analysis 04

Across multiple analytic functions and multiple levels of integration, we have both developed algorithms and built complete video processing pipelines.


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